The Street Fighter

By on January 14, 2010

Even the thoughtful youth of Japan had their own Bruce Lee craze, just like everywhere else in the early seventies. Thankfully they had Sonny Chiba!

Street Fighter is the perfect showcase for the amazing Kung Fu talents of Sonny, who brings his own blend of Bushido and hard edged Yakuza mind set to life. Chiba plays Terry Tsurugi, a man who was orphaned when his Japanese father was executed in China during World War II. Terry is the personification of a bad ass; tough guy, mercenary, and master of the martial arts.

Terry is now back in Japan and kicking ass for a living. He’s the best of the best in Japan and is hired to help get a criminal on death row out of prison. He manages to do this using an ancient martial arts technique. Sonny then ends up killing the guy’s brother due to an argument over payment and getting his sister sold into prostitution.

After this Sonny is propositioned by the Yakuza to kidnap a girl who is an oil heiress. Sonny jumps sides and starts working for her protectors after a show down with her uncle, the leader of a karate school. This flick is packed with violence galore. Sonny does some pretty cool stuff, and amazingly, the whole plot manages to come together at the end. There are also a few one liners that are pretty cool.

Sonny Chiba is the ultimate martial arts star. Everything about this movie is great…well, not everything. For instance…Rat-nose? If you were the sidekick of a martial arts maniac like Terry, would you call yourself Rat-nose? Oh well, as annoying as Rat-nose is, you can live with it because The Street fighter is what it’s all about. You will become tired of hearing Rat-nose whine “Terry, Terry, Terrrrrryyyyy!”….. This movie is a classic! You cannot call yourself a martial arts fan unless you’ve seen all the street fighter movies! This is one of the greatest martial arts movies of all time and I highly recommend this film.

First film to ever get an X rating for violence.

The blind assassin wielding a cane sword appears to be an obvious reference to the Zatoichi blind swordsman films starring Shintarô Katsu.



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